Selling strategy and pricing

Selling your family’s home is an awesome responsibility, and one that we take very seriously. By choosing Sell Mom’s Housetm to sell your home, you gain a partner in accomplishing your goals.

Our comprehensive services for preparing and selling a home includes the following:

  • Free consultation and action plan – Knowing your options and available resources to help you achieve them is empowering.
  • Free pricing and market analysis – Discover what your home is worth by having us assess the home’s condition and compare your property to recently sold homes in your area.
  • Free move management services – We don’t just sell your home, we help you manage a lifetime of possessions efficiently, and we have vendors who will also help.

Which option is right for you?

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    Public sale on MLS - Multiple Listing Service

    If your home is in good to excellent condition, then promoting it to the public, to as many qualified buyers as possible, is the best way to go.

    Sell Mom’s House (SMH) and Keller Williams Realty ® (KW) partner to get the job done with value-added services other agents cannot replicate, and usually don’t even offer. Want to learn more?


    What differentiates our selling services?

    As you can tell by now, we offer you more for your realty fee than a sign in your front yard.
    The Sell Mom’s House and Keller Williams Realty difference provides benefits of both a senior-friendly local resource, and a premier international realty powerhouse. KW has over 150,000 agents; more than any other realty firm! Not only do we reach more agents and their buyers, but if you decide to relocate, we have local agents everywhere to help you.

    SMH works with agents who have earned their SRES credentials as Senior Real Estate Specialists. We cater to the overall needs of seniors and families in transition and belong to an extended network of advisors. So, if you need advice on topics like Medicare, wills and trusts, or other local resources, let us know how we and our extended network of advisors can help.

    Not sure you’re ready? Our customers tell us they would have called sooner had they known how much SMH could have shortened the process. Knowledge is power.

    Call us today so we can save you time and effort.

    Pricing; determining the value of your home

    Selecting the right price in today’s fast-paced, internet-driven market is an important strategic decision because your best opportunity for the highest price is when the property is new to market.

    We guide you by providing a comparative market analysis to select your Goldilocks price; the price that’s not too high and not too low, to strategically attract the most buyers and agents willing to make offers. Ultimately, you are the one who makes the pricing decision for your home. We are your guides.

    Want to know what your home is worth? Contact us for a free competitive market analysis (CMA).

    When to repair or not

    What to fix or not to fix is another strategic consideration.

    As we recommend in our seminars, fix only what removes an eyesore and brings the home to the condition level of the rest of the property. Focus on repairing hazards, decluttering and cleaning up.

    Click HERE to download our free Downsizing Guide. Call us at 508-691-0080 or email info@sellmomshouse to receive it in the mail.

    Offer, negotiation and closing

    Your home isn’t sold until the check is cashed! From offer to close, you benefit from having SMH and KW as your advocates.

    Many transactions fall apart due to the buyer’s home inspections and financing. The principals of SMH have been involved in hundreds of real estate deals representing not only buyers and sellers, but also banks. Our founder, David Dowd has over 10 years’ experience as a mortgage loan officer.

    SMH’s transactional experience verifies that your buyer’s financing is sound. Unlike most realtors, we understand the mortgage approval process from an underwriter’s perspective and we interview the loan officer responsible for writing your buyer’s pre-approval letter to verify that proper due diligence was done.

    Next, we handle any home inspection negotiations and follow the dates and details to make sure all parties, including attorneys on both sides of the transaction, are on the same page. With our knowledge of the process and attention to detail, we manage all aspects of the transaction, so you don’t have to.

    Private sale - skip the work and get the cash!

    Buyers have lots of choices. In today’s market, only new homes or recently upgraded homes that are priced competitively sell quickly. If your home is in need of updates or repairs, or if cleaning it out is an obstacle, you may want to consider selling to us or one of our reputable contractors for cash instead.

    The “as-is cash-sale” strategy is an ideal option for some folks, because you can simply “take what you want and walk away” with no clean-out required, and usually you pay no realty commission. Want to learn more?


    Solutions for outdated homes

    Have you ever thought about the effort involved in selling your home and wish instead that you could simply take the cash and skip the work? With Sell Mom’s House you can do just that!

    If your home is outdated, in need of repair or excessively cluttered, a private sale “as is” may be a better solution than listing and selling on MLS. Just like those house-flipping shows on HGTV, we have developers, contractors and investors who buy homes in almost any condition to “fix and flip” or “fix and rent.”

    Sometimes we even flip houses ourselves, and occasionally do a Joint Venture (JV) with the owner to “fix and flip.” All these solutions are available for homes in older condition or in need of major repairs like replacing a failed septic system, or old windows, heat system, roof, and other challenges.

    Advantages of selling “as is”

    Why invest money to fix problems simply to get the same money back? Isn’t it better to price your home lower to sell faster? Our experience as realtors and rehabbers allows us to price and compare your options to make informed decisions.

    The price may be less by selling to a contractor, however the “walk away money” may be the same or close enough to be worth it, considering the following advantages of selling “as is”:

    • Fast close, generally 30 days or less
    • No clean-out
    • No realty commission (in most situations)
    • No bank financing contingency
    • No inspection contingency, no repairs, sell “as is”
    • No visitors or open houses to prepare for
    • Fewer taxes and holding costs
    • Huge time savings

    Contact us to assess the cost vs benefit of repairs or selling “as is”.

    Simply take what you want and walk away

    We often hear people say that they would like to move “someday”, but they can’t seem to empty the house. As a result, they give up and “someday” never comes.

    Don’t let a lifetime of possessions hold you back from the life you deserve. By focusing on your new life in a new location, and taking only what you want to keep, the process becomes manageable. We will help you sell and repurpose the good items, and responsibly dispose of the rest. As a result, you are free to take what you want and walk away.

    Close in 30 days or less

    The following are examples of when speed is of the essence:

    • You find a condo or other new home and cannot close without liquidating funds from a cluttered or outdated home.
    • A senior needs funds from their home to qualify for subsidized senior housing or assisted/independent living.
    • Recovery from a slip and fall or other medical issue prevents a person from returning home, and funds are required for care.
    • Estate situations are sometimes made even more difficult when heirs or relatives do not live in the area. Sell Mom’s House is a single-source solution in these situations.