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Your home is where you live, love, laugh, raise a family, and perhaps retire. Over time, the utility and purpose of a home changes with its age and function. Sell Mom’s Housetm is dedicated to helping families in transition.

Perhaps your home is too large or too expensive for your current needs. Transitioning isn’t easy and usually gets harder over time. As we age, maintaining a home can become overwhelming.

Also, when it comes time to think about moving, it can be daunting dealing with a lifetime of possessions. Then there is the challenge of finding a safe and affordable new place to live. We can help.

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    The specialists at Sell Mom’s House can assist you or a family member with the entire transition. Think of us as a single go-to resource to help you sell, move, deal with your “stuff”, and even find a new place to live. We can also introduce you to elder care professionals if needed.

    In short, we do more by managing your transition for free when you list your home for sale with our team of lifestyle professionals. What’s more, we move at your pace.

    Finding your next place to live is one of our most frequently requested services. As realtors, we can help you or a family member buy a home, an over 55 condo or other location. We help you find the setting that best fits your situation.

    Getting started

    We hope you find this site full of useful information whether you’re interested in downsizing, helping a loved one sell and move, or looking to buy a new dream home.

    Transitioning to a new place to live and dealing with a lifetime of possessions is a process we are experienced at helping with. The best way for you to understand our range of services and how we can help your family is for us to meet with you personally for a free custom assessment and transition planning session.

    Let us apply the Sell Mom’s House process to your specific situation and show you how we fulfill our promise to change downsizing and selling from daunting to DONE!

    To get started, contact us for a free phone or in-home consultation with no pressure or obligation. Knowing your options is empowering.

    Our proven 3-step transition process


    We help you deal with a lifetime of possessions by managing your downsizing process for free. Click HERE to learn about seminars and resources.


    No one markets better than Sell Mom’s House & Keller Williams Realty. Fast results for homes in any condition.

    Move & Enjoy Life

    Know your options! We will advise you on choices ranging from vacation spots to senior housing choices. Relax & enjoy life more in your new, simplified setting. Make these years the best years of your life.