Downsizing and transitioning

Let’s face it, moving is a hassle. Dealing with a lifetime of possessions can be daunting, particularly for seniors, and especially when family members have busy lives or may not live close by. Sell Mom’s Housetm (SMH) can help.

We are senior friendly, and Mom approved, meaning that we tailor our services to meet the needs of seniors or a busy family who wants to sell a property but lacks the skills, resources, physical mobility, or the time to get the job done.

As your advocate, we help you navigate today’s complex real estate market and that’s not all. Unlike other realty firms, when we sell your home, we manage the entire transition process for FREE, including dealing with a lifetime of possessions.

We simplify a complex process, changing downsizing and selling from daunting to DONE!

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    Where to begin

    Begin with a plan. It takes years to fill a home. Don’t waste your precious years emptying it!

    At our first meeting, we discuss your goals and lay out a process to simplify the complex task of preparing a home for sale and dealing with a lifetime of possessions. Downsizing should be broken down into a series of discrete tasks. We show you how.

    Next, rally your friends, family or other resources to help, or you can rely upon our experienced SMH team to guide you, or both! We coordinate everything to reach your goals so that the process is not overwhelming.

    Downsizing tips

    The following are tips for a practical downsizing action plan:

    • Categorize and prioritize. Stage and label like items into categories such as charity, consignment shops, items for storage, items for family members, friends, and so forth. Create an “undecided” category if needed to keep making progress.
    • Start with the “keepers” and throw as you go.  Identify items you want in your new home and eliminate those that are no longer essential to your simplified life; like things from the basement or attic which you haven’t touched in years.
    • Focus on the end goal. Recognize that it’s not about the house. It’s about you moving on and an easy transition to a new, simpler lifestyle. Begin with the end in mind and stay focused on the prize a safe, uncomplicated and uncluttered new place to live and enjoy life!
    • Set timelines. Your plan should include set dates or benchmarks, so family and friends know when they need to pick up their desired items. We help you plan so the important items are handled first, then we help you clean out the rest.
    • All hands on deck! Call on resources such as family, friends or the kid down the block. We can arrange resources such as donation sites, junk removal services as well as vendors like professional organizers who will help you sort, pack or toss.

    Helpful services

    You are not alone. Sell Mom’s House is here to help with the process and so are our vendors. We get the quotes and you decide if you want assistance from optional services like the following Mom approved examples:

    • Clean-out services, dumpster rentals and junk removal services
    • Donation sites for charity items like clothes, books, kitchen items, and furniture
    • Temporary storage options
    • Professional move managers who sort and pack
    • Professional movers with trucks and protective pads/blankets
    • Home repairs if needed by painters, carpenters and other trades

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