Off-market properties and other unique buyer services

Locating and buying homes is one of our strengths. We even offer our buyers pre-market properties not found elsewhere.

Buyers work with Sell Mom’s Housetm (SMH) because we not only help them find the property they desire, but most importantly, we help them win the bid to get that property under agreement, even in multiple-offer situations. Then we guide them through everything from home inspections to shopping for best financing. So don’t work with just any realtor, work with the creative team of buyer specialists at SMH to find a great home and deliver a great home buying experience.

Good properties go fast. We help buyers of all ages find homes and structure winning offers. The seller pays our commission when you buy. Therefore, it costs you nothing to put the SMH expertise gained in hundreds of transactions to work for you.

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    Winning offers and multiple bids

    Winning the home of your dreams can turn into a competition with other buyers. In these situations, you need an advocate with sales and negotiation skills, so why not start with one? Our job as your agent is to sell you, as the buyer, to the homeowner and their agent who acts as gatekeeper.

    When bids are close, the difference can be how the deal is structured and how your message is communicated and received. We excel at marketing and negotiating, so we embellish your offer in ways other agents do not. Our offers read more like a sales proposal because sales and marketing are our strengths.

    Ask about our special techniques so you don’t overpay in multiple bid situations.

    Looking for a deal?

    SMH has exclusive off-market properties for sale, meaning homes you can buy before they get to MLS! How? Sell Mom’s House establishes relationships with seniors at our seminars and other marketing activities, sometimes years before they put their home on the market. While we are assisting them with preparing their home for sale, we selectively offer these properties to our buyers.

    When there is a match, we strike a deal where everyone benefits. The buyer gains an opportunity to purchase the home at a fair but usually lower price given its condition, in return for taking the property “as is”, and perhaps doing cosmetic repairs and clean-out (we have vendors to help).

    The seller benefits from a reduced realty commission and saves much of the time, money and effort of preparing the home for sale. Everybody wins!

    Value-added services for buyers

    • Creating winning offers – We have a great track record of winning the deal.
    • First-time homebuyer services – We offer special programs and a customer service attitude.
    • Access to expert vendors – Find contractors, landscapers, cleaners, and more.
    • Estimating cost of repairs and improvements – Since we rehab properties, we have a good sense of when an improvement is worth it and what it should cost.
    • Reliable pre-qualifications and great mortgage rates – Our mortgage background will help guide you through the mortgage maze.

    Contact us to speak to an SMH buyer specialist about off-market properties and the above services.